Mythology In The Iliad

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Mythology, saturated with stories of war, lust, and death gifted the world with the Iliad by Homer, an epic poem which includes the story of Troy’s noble prince Hektor. The Trojan hero fights against his sworn enemy, Achilles, in the tragic Trojan War. Though Hektor’s death is the climax of the poem, various questions arise ranging from why he chose to fight Achilles, to why the robust gods interjected exceedingly in the mortals lives. Modern-day reader miss the depth of plot line and content if they don 't familiarize themselves with the story of Hektor.
Before diving into the inquisitions, it 's important to look at the origins of the Trojan War. Crown prince Paris, brother of Hektor, was asked to choose who was the most beautiful goddess: Hera, Aphrodite, or Athena. This conflict emerges at a celebration in honor of the marriage of Achilles 's parents, Peleus and Thetis. Zeus invited everyone single important figure, but the goddess of discord, Eris because of past conflicts of her causing havoc at the functions. Filled with vengeance, Eris arrived at the celebration with a golden apple.The fruit was enchanted, so the fairest woman at the party would claim it. The wanting of the fruit erupts a quarrel between the three goddesses. Zeus not wanting to be involved, selected
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As the story goes, Achilles as an infant was taken to the Styx river. Stories of the people being gifted the power of immortality, triggered his mother to dip her son so he could be safe. His entire body was covered but his heel, the most vulnerable part of his body. But why go to so much trouble to have your son be immortal ? Diana Burton in her novel Immortal Achilles, points out that every true greek hero were descendents of the gods. She explains in her novel, how much immortality was seriously worth. Gilgamesh, a demigod himself, fought for an elixir that could gift him with immortality, but ended up losing it to a

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