Myth : Myth And Myth Essay

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The term myth in the sacred scriptures has been unclear in recent times. In the West we are thought to understand myth as associated with fictional stories like the Greek Gods but scholars here reject the view that myth is to be understood as prescientific error and have looked at its complex nature and functions. Myth tells a story, with moral and singular meaning, they also serve as the community’s key and helps explain the natural order of the community’s behavior. The proper definition of myth is a complex of stories that are some factual and some elaborate, which for reasons human beings regard as demonstrations of the inner meaning of the universe and of human life. This specific definition avoids explaining if myth is untrue which is important to know because most people that study myth need to challenge any theory of myth that decreases it to an unpolished scientific theory. But myth however has an important sense of maybe being true. For instance myth helps provide stories which can help people envision the world perceived as orderly, instead of threatened by chaos or evil. Myth also shapes our sense of self and who we are, like certain exemplary people like sages, saints, prophets, heroes who are the root metaphors and what it means to be genuinely real and truly human. Myth therefore disclose models of behavior for each stage in the human life cycle. Myths portray why events erupt and threatened our world and our own personal being and what we must do to be saved,…

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