My Writing As A Writer Essay

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The way I would describe myself as a writer would be average. I have never been an outstanding writer, or a horrible one. In this course, I happened to see that my writing was not as bad as I thought, though I wish I had done better on my essays. I seem to always get an A or B on the parts of my essays, including appearance, grammar, preparation, as well as content. However, I need to work on the development and sentence structure of my essays, which I will put more effort on in my future essays. I have noticed a big change in my writing practices such as not having a hard time with writing theses as well as using correct diction in my essays. English 1301 has helped me see what I am capable of in my writing abilities as well as what I need improvement on.
I have learned so much about the rhetorical demands of the audience and purpose in this course, especially for the Advertisement Analysis Essay. I have learned that during my writing process, I should not only think about writing for myself, but also for the readers. Any essay should have a message to the audience in order for readers to understand the point. I have never used rhetorical knowledge in any of my previous essays in high school. However, I am now aware how to propose a purpose for my audience and allow them to understand the point of why I am writing. This knowledge has affected not only my writing process, but my reading practices as well. This relates to me with the online grammar quizzes. When I am reading…

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