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“I view travel through the lens of food; And I am never disappointed in the cultural riches I find.”
— Rebecca Wheeler owner and guide at chicago food walks
Natalie Hall, Denison, discovered new (to her) foods on Rebecca’s Devon Avenue, Chicago, food tour.
Taste Maker

rebecca wheeler invites you to visit the foodways of india—via one of her chicago food walks.
Food. It’s one of the most satisfying (and filling) ways to discover other cultures. I recently embarked on an afternoon of discovery in my own backyard on a Chicago Food Walks tasting tour. Rebecca Wheeler, Indiana, guides hungry participants as they nibble their way through some of the city’s most ethnically diverse cultural corridors.
“I view travel through the lens of food,” Rebecca says. “And I am never disappointed in the cultural riches I find.” Rebecca has trained in kitchens around the world, including stints in Paris, China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and beyond. “I poke around markets, eat at street stalls, attend and assist in cooking schools and come home to share what I’ve learned,” she explains.
It was Rebecca’s grandmother who inspired her love of travel and exotic food: A Peace Corps volunteer in Malaysia and Ecuador, her grandmother returned to Ohio with recipes that piqued Rebecca’s curiosity. “When I’d visit my grandma on her farm, she would make Malaysian beef curry for me,” Rebecca recalls. “It was and still is my favorite dish. It ignited a love of spicy and flavorful foods!”
Spice and…

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