My Uncle, Bill Lee Essay example

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My uncle, Bill Lee, was born in Hong Kong, China during the year of 1953. Born the oldest of his siblings, he and his two sisters lived with their mother in a tenant house. This tenant house was very crowded as it housed several families in one building with only one kitchen and one bathroom for all of them to share. While they never lived in poverty, money was tight at times, which meant my uncle and his family had to live very simply. Trying to pursue a better future for his family, my uncle’s father left when he was 6 to work in Venezuela and bring in extra income. My uncle and his sisters grew up mostly with their mother while their father sent over money to help them pay for food and rent in the tenant house. However, while the extra money was nice, being so far apart was hard for all of them, especially my uncle and his mother. After a couple of years, his father petitioned the Venezuelan government to grant his family entrance into the country so they could be together again. My grandfather had started his own restaurant and was able to make a more stable income through it, meaning he was able to support his family and give them a proper, new home in Venezuela. My uncle was 10 years old at the time they left in 1963, of which they stayed for three years. This was also when his little brother (my father) was born. During this time, my uncle and his siblings also attended an American School, where they started to learn both Spanish and English as their second…

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