My Top Three Priorities For A Senior Executive Essay

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1. Given what you’ve heard on today’s call, should you be selected for this position, what would be your top three priorities?

Given that as time goes by, and things change based on the two forces:

Interior – attrition, culture climate, employee benefits (telework, flexible work schedules, quality of work-life and work-life balance, etc.), and
Exterior – changes in Agency mission, Congressional and Legislative mandates, competing job market, etc.

My top three priorities will change from time to time. I have built my career working from the GS-5 level to the position of a Senior Executive. I have spent time at each level and understand the operational responsibilities and constraints at each level within Federal organizations. That helped me to achieve a high-level of success in my role as Deputy Assistant Administrator at TSA. I was indirectly in charge of more than 50,000 employees at that recent point of my career; with the responsibility to lead other SES, GS-15s and operational staff, and I understand the impact of decisions of the Executive leader on the GS-5s through the GS-15s of the world. Therefore, in responding to this question, I am approaching it from the standpoint of the initial top three priorities from day one, subject to change as time goes by.

I. First priority would be to learn everything I can about the organization. Budget Process – I understand that we are fee-funded. My current organization, USCIS, is funded by fees collected from…

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