My Thoughts On My Brain Essay

1555 Words Oct 19th, 2015 7 Pages
As I walked down a gigantic glistening field of grass and two tennis courts filled with players, I almost felt at peace, and then I suddenly felt stares aimed in our direction. I surveyed around to see where they were coming from, and I noticed two teens sitting on a rusty blue bench a few meters ahead of us. As I followed their stares, it had been Sophia they were glaring at fiercely. Since both of them wore light jackets, blue jeans, and each carried a backpack, I assumed they were just hanging out after school. When my father, Sophia, and I walked completely past them, I felt a chill run down my spine as a presence crept up behind all of us. While pretending to search for something on the ground, I turned back and caught a quick glimpse behind, and it had been the two teens following our direction. My brain felt as it would explode as any logical explanation went out the window. The area felt darker than it had minutes ago, and the worst part being the direction we were headed was secluded. The only things I could think of was: “Why did they stare at Sophia that way? Will they try to take Sophia? How will I protect her?” I came back to reality as my dad said “Amaris, slow down. I can’t walk that fast.” I had forgotten all about my dad who was lagging behind. We passed through a tunnel and made it the road. As I felt the sudden presence of strangers disappeared, I looked back and saw the two teens were gone. I sighed with relief at knowing the three of us made it…

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