Essay about My Summer Memories Of The Backyard

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My summer memories consist of being out of school, running in the backyard while my mom is barbecuing, splashing through the sprinkler, and looking around counting all the bees on my mom 's roses. Those are memories I will always have and hold close to my heart, especially now when bees are on their way to one day becoming extinct. It saddens me to think that one day my children or greatgrand children will not be able to link bees with their summer memories. Can you imagine walking into your local grocery store and not seeing your favorite fruits or vegetables? We are on our way to this scenario, but have you ever asked yourself why? Take the time to look at the world around you. Dont just look at what’s there but also realize what is not. Because of bees and their decreasing numbers one day nothing at all will be there.Our environment is enduring frightening outcomes because millions of bees are dying off. If all the bees died off, we would have no food. It is time to worry about the nation 's most indispensable farm workers. For every bite of three spoonfuls of anything it has been pollinated by bees. Animals rely on crops and plants, and we rely on the same plants as well as the animals eating those crops. About 80 percent of the corn that is grown in the United States and approximately half of the soybeans too.
Without bees and their pollinating effects everything will die out one day including the human race.
Bees are major pollinators among some other animals and…

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