My Style Of Therapy And Narrative Therapy Essays

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Self-of-therapist is a term that had no meaning to me two years ago, and now it is the center point of my world. The model that guides my style of therapy and helps me conceptualize cases is something that I have contemplated multiple times since entering my first practicum. While studying family systems theories over the past four semesters, I discovered that while all methods demonstrate validity and success, some models speak more thoroughly to my therapeutic style. The methods that guide my style the most are Experiential and Narrative Therapy. These models integrate well because they focus on the client’s strengths and not the pathology of the problem. In experiential the problem is because of emotion suppression and communication. For narrative therapy, the problem is the problem and not the couple. The blame is removed from the individual, and the focus is on the strength of the system or individual. Both approaches have the ability to address family and individual problems in a brief time frame. However, these are not the only tools I utilize in session. They are the over frame of my conceptualization, but techniques of Solution Focus therapy and MRI Strategic impact my interactions with clients.
Integration of Theories
Experiential therapy delivers a hands on emotionally based experience that allows the client to explore their story and change the way they perceive it. Experiential therapists operate under the belief that problems are not individually based…

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