My School Of Philosophy: Existentialism And Pragmatism

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Philosophy has shaped the foundations of all human life and thought. The importance of philosophic enquiry can be traced back to the beginning of civilization to today’s modern society. If I could create my ideal philosophy it would be somewhere in the middle of Existentialism and Pragmatism. I believe that my view on recreation, although influenced by this class, has formed throughout my entire life. When it comes to which school of philosophy I align with the most, it is Existentialism. I agree with its theory of ,“the individual being”, being more interested in the particulars than the ideals, and every person 's experience of life is unique.
Existentialism is the ‘Theory of the Individual Being’, and by definition is known as, “the existence
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In other words, it is focusing on what you need to be doing right now rather than what you are going to be doing in the future. I have learned through many disappointing moments, that if you try to plan your whole life out exactly the way you want it to happen, you will never be satisfied. Life takes you in all sorts of directions without you ever planning on it. This is where the school of philosophy, Pragmatism, come into my personal philosophy. Life is constantly changing and you can’t try to predict it. You have to live in the “now” and not focus on the future. Taking full advantage of every opportunity that is revealed to you daily is the most important thing to me. One term that relates to this part of my ideal theory is Leisure. Leisure is defined as “the freedom provided by the cessation of activities, especially; time free from work” ( I’ve learned that trying to do everything at once and always planning ahead without any breaks is not healthy. When I take time away from “work”, it allows me to notice and enjoy all of the small things in my life that I sometime overlook when I am trying to focus on too much. Taking time for leisure is a key characteristic in my success as a student because it gives my mind a break to relax and

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