Essay on My Sacred : Family Over Everything

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My Sacred – Family Over Everything

This essay has been on the most challenging composition I had to create in college. To define on a piece of paper my perception of sacredness has been a challenge as I relate my sacredness pertaining to my life as an African American male in America to authors whom paradigms are quite different that my own. My sacred is my family. My perception of sacredness is what holds the core of my existence in a cohesive state; that I am able to not only function but achieve my life’s purpose. In researching supporting documentation for my essay, it was very perplexing to find articles that would support my stance of my position or role in my family and my family values as an African American male. According to several sociology articles, as an African American male I am not supposed to value family and my only purpose in my family is to produce and provide financially (Falck). It was almost as if I did not have a role in my family. The article puzzled me because without a role, I didn’t have a function or purpose? Sociologists, American society perceptions of African American males quite differ from who I am grounded in as being a male in my family. They adversely contradict my sacredness. My value set for my family is priceless. My purpose in family is to maintain and enhance our legacy financially, spiritually, and generationally. My sacredness is utilized solely for my personal benefits of transforming, nurturing, grounding and…

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