My Reflection On Philosophy: The Importance Of Philosophy

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Before taking this class, I didn’t really know what philosophy was. After some weeks doing discussions, reading the book and learning about ethical theories, I have a better understanding of what philosophy is. I think that it is very important for everyone because it applies to life better than any other discipline does. It explains deeply a subject that seems really banal to us and bring to light its importance. Also, philosophy helps people to think critically, use their reason to give their opinion and make people see the world in its essence. Ethics is a really important part of philosophy. Ethics is the set of guideline that defines right and wrong behaviors. It affects how people make decisions and lead their life. The study …show more content…
The divine command theory is the idea that actions are right or wrong because God commands them. From this affirmation arises an important question, are right actions right because God commands us to do them, or does God command them because they are right? To respond to this question, I will say that God commands right actions because they are right. In fact, when religion commands people not to kill or steal, that’s because it is not right to do so. In the same way, Religion forbid us to be dishonest, the reason is that: it is wrong to be dishonest. In my opinion, there is a deep link between religion and ethics in the way that both teach us what is right or wrong to do. However, there is a possibility of ethics without religion because of the simple fact that a person can ignore everything about religion and still behave ethically. Religion teaches people to do right things but a person can know and apply what is right or wrong to do in society without …show more content…
It advocates promoting happiness and pleasure over pain and displeasure. For this theory happiness and pleasure are the main goal in life. In other words, everything that minimizes pain and maximizes happiness is what we have to seek for without consideration of what is right or just. I don’t like this theory because it favors some individuals over others. Utilitarianism will judge an action as moral if it makes a greater number of person happy, this is unfair for the rest who can suffer from this action. We live in a society, and it is true that everybody wants to be happy, but it is wrong and unfair to put others in pain for our own

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