My Recovery From Feminism Courtney Reissig Essay examples

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In My Recovery From Feminism Courtney Reissig begins by giveing a brief history of the feminist movement, constructed of three stages. The first stage began as a push for women to have the same rights that men did, such as to vote and hold property. Next, in the 1950’s and 1960’s, it became a “happy housewife” movement, focused on the idea that women deserved better. These two movements, particularly the first, sought the equality of men and women, but the third movement, todays movement, seeks more than equality, it seeks for women to be better than men. Reissig tells of how she was a modern day feminist in college; she was anti-marriage and did not want to have children, she did not want to loose her independence. She tells of how feminism is in all woman 's lives, they all bash men, they all have felt that if a man was like them, everything would be perfect. Her idea of feminism has greatly changed since college, she now realizes that God created man and women differently, and this was not an accident, it is a good design. To recover from feminism she, and others, must learn to accept the roles God has given us and repent for trying to control the order God gave us all. This will never be complete until God comes back to save us, we are all recovering feminists. I believe that Reissig’s view on feminism directly coenscide’s with the traditional christian values, she is essentially denouncing modern day feminism and calling for more traditional man and women/husband and…

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