Jay Z And Beyonce Analysis

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My poem was about Jay-Z, and Beyoncé. The main reason I chose these two is for their levels of fame. Both have been extremely relevant over the past two decades. Beyoncé’s best-selling album titled, “Dangerously in Love” sold around 16 million copies worldwide. Jay-Z’s album, “Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life” has sold around 5.4 million copies. Not only have both become music icons, they also are well known philanthropist, business people, and occasionally political commentators. I chose the tone of “reminiscent” to describe my sonnet for several reasons. For one, I feel that memories related to love are almost always geared towards the past. For many people, what has happened with their significant other shapes how they are today. The tone of reminiscing …show more content…
I used two hyperboles, and one pun in this text. The pun was “No oh whale bits in our relationship.” The pun here is the use of “oh whale.” The actual use would be “oh well.” The effect is quite funny, as it just draws contrast on what is usually a more serious subject. It lightens the mood, and just pokes fun at more serious love poems. Next was my first use of hyperbole. “My Houston baby, my heart burst for you.” The hyperbole here is the use of “heart burst.” Clearly if you are in love, your heart will not literally burst. Instead the use here is to show Jay-Z’s love for Beyoncé, in the form of an exaggerated statement. This statement being basically how much Jay-Z loves Beyoncé. The effect is one of displaying his true feelings, as well as emphasizing their overall relationship. Lastly is hyperbole, “From year ninety-nine, to our world named blue.” The hyperbole here is the exaggeration of their child, who’s named Blue Ivy. Clearly, she is not the whole world, but it is used here, to emphasize how important she is to Jay-Z. The effect here shows the importance of Blue to him, as saying someone is your world is saying they are your constant focus, and you care deeply for

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