Future Prison Rehabilitation And Corrections

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In order to effectively redesign prisons and jails, several guidelines and policies need to be put into place regarding the daily facility operations and inmate privileges. My plan for future prisons and jails will focus on rehabilitation while still proving to be efficient and cost effective. Although punishment will not be the main focus, offenders will still serve an appropriate amount of time for the crimes they have committed. An approach such as this would be beneficial for all parties involved. To begin with, I would have inmates operate the daily custodial duties. Tasks such as cleaning the halls or bathrooms, helping prepare the food, laundry duties, and other general maintenance tasks could be accomplished by inmates. Granted, these …show more content…
Retribution, in my opinion, is an automatic consequence of being sentenced to prison or jail time. Inmates know that they are being punished for what they have done. Retribution does not need to be the focus of these facilities. Rather, we should focus on rehabilitating inmates and preparing them to be reintegrated into society after they have served their time. This could be accomplished through different programs that a prison or jail can offer. Not only is this the best option for inmates, but also for society and different …show more content…
A plan such as this can meet any prisoner’s needs. Every offender’s situation will be different from the next and it is because of this that a plan for future prisons and jails must be flexible. Offering different opportunities that can be rewarded with good time gives offenders the option of how they want to spend their time in incarceration. By no means are these opportunities mandatory. Also, by focusing on rehabilitation rather than retribution a facility can tailor to the specific needs of the inmate and what suits him or her

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