My Place At God 's Table Essay

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To understand how I envision my place at God’s table, it is best to start at the beginning. I am the oldest of four sisters and grew up in a working-class neighborhood in the Bay Area of California in a mixed-race family. My mother is Caucasian and my father is Mexican. One of dad’s side, my great-grandmother and great-grandfather immigrated to the United States from Durango, Mexico in the 1930s, settling in the Salinas Valley of California. Both great-grandparents worked as migrant farmers to support their family. As an immigrant family, hard work and resiliency were incorporated with values derived from their Mexican culture, including loyalty, gratitude, and a heavy emphasis on the family system. Like many Hispanic cultures, machismo was also a prominent value, which refers to exaggerated pride in masculinity. Machismo creates prescribed gender roles and a distinct hierarchy of value on gender in the family. Though women are important and integral pieces of the family, men are the more celebrated and capable of the genders. These values were passed down and present in my family origin as well. Another shaping factor in my family history is racism. Due to his experience of racism against Hispanic people (e.g. being viewed as subhuman workers, dirty, of lesser intellect), my grandfather decided not to teach his children Spanish, but push them to fully embrace American culture and speak English without any hint of an accent. Due to their lighter complexion, my grandfather…

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