Essay on My Personality Traits Of A Personality

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Have you ever wondered what your personality traits say about you? I have, so I took a personality test online from and this test told me that I am an INFJ. The “I” stands for introverted, the NF stands for an inborn sense of idealism and morality, but what sets me apart is my accompanying judging (J) trait. My personality type in known as “The Advocate.” My personality type is rare. It makes up less than one percent of the population, nonetheless leaves a mark on the world. According to the test “INFJs aren’t idle dreamers, but [they] take concrete steps to realize their goals and make a lasting positive impact” (16 personalities). An example of some personality traits that best describe me from the test are: soft-spoken, imaginative, extremely private, perfectionist, and withdrawn. These personality traits best describe who I am and the person I’m becoming. Being soft-spoken is the act of speaking in a soft, low voice. Living with my dad or even trying to talk to my dad is a prime example: he is constantly asking me questions like: “What did you just say,” “I didn’t hear you, say that again,” or even “Speak up, I can’t hear you.” I am a very quiet and soft-spoken individual. The only time my dad actually can hear what I am saying to him is when I yell, and I don’t like yelling or even talking in a loud voice. Needless to say my dad can’t hear a word I say and would rather text me than have a face to face conversation. Another prime example of my…

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