Abortion Should Remain Legal

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Currently, in the United States, per federal laws, abortion is legal throughout the states. However, states do have laws in place that limit a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion. Abortion has remained a controversial topic since it first became illegal in the 1800’s. Prochoice and prolife activists continue to argue over whether or not abortion should remain legal. My personal stance on abortion is the belief that all women deserve to have the reproductive rights the constitution provides them with, allowing for legal abortion without a court’s decision throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Having an abortion is never an easy decision, no court should be allowed to tell a woman she must go through counseling or court hearings before having …show more content…
Statistics show that abortions in 2013 preformed after 21 weeks gestation only accounted for 1.3% of all abortions preformed that year. Abortions preformed before eight weeks of pregnancy had accounted for 66% of all abortions performed and 91% of abortions preformed were before 13 weeks gestation. Most late terms abortions have only been preformed in life threatening situations, in the cases where continuing the pregnancy would put the mother’s or fetus’s life in danger. Another argument often made by anti abortionists is that abortions being easily accessible will encourage young women to have intercourse and raise the teen pregnancy rates as well as teen abortion rates. Statistics have shown abortions preformed in women under the age of 20 only account for 11.7% of all abortions. Abortion statistics have shown over the years that legalizing abortions has slowed down the rate of abortions, as well as the rate of illegal abortions preformed. Illegal abortions are a problem, as they are often preformed with techniques that have not been approved and leave the mother in …show more content…
Women who have abortions do it for a number of reasons. Abortion can provide a woman who cannot handle a pregnancy a way to prevent a life from being created that would have otherwise had bad life. Women often have abortions as they cannot financially care for the child. Pregnancies require doctors appointments, medical expenses, and much more. A woman not being able to provide the best care during pregnancy may result in the child having complications, giving the child a hard life. A woman who is known for substance abuse, should be allowed to abort her child, if pleased. If she is not mentally strong enough to stop her substance abuse, she will most likely do more harm carrying the child to full term than if she were to abort the pregnancy. Abortion is a great option, for the women who are able to successfully carry a fetus to full term without doing harm to the fetus. However, one can argue that a child being forced to stay in an orphanage or be in and out of foster homes may have been forced into a life that wasn’t necessary. If every woman who became pregnant that would have had an abortion, out the child up for adoption, the world would indefinitely become over populated. Adoption being the only option to unwanted pregnancies will cause adoption rates to dramatically decline, birth rates to increase so high that we will overpopulate, and more

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