Essay on My Personal Statement On Personal Values

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My personal values, beliefs system has always been to be caring, loving , compassionate and loyal to the patients as well as professional team. I have been always taught by my parents to be loyal , honest, helping and caring to anyone around me. My culture is that to help sick and disabled people so that you can get happiness in your life. According to the spiritual value, if somebody helps others who is having hard time or suffering from any kinds of problems that person will get blessing from god and in return god will give him something better in his life. I belong to Hindu culture so in my culture, when person is sick at home or admitted to the hospital, all the people who know him/her visit to that person with different kinds of nutritious foods such as, meat which is considered rich source of protein and they that anyone who is sick need to have high protein diet. Similarly, they carry fruits which is considered good source of vitamins and fibers so with or without medical rationale people help to the sick and disabled person.

Before two decades nursing profession was not everyone’s choice because people used to believe that nursing is dirty profession and they have to deal with dirty patients, their stool, urine, sputum, blood and other body wastes. At the same time , spiritually, people who deal with those body wastes and work in labor and delivery unit were not allowed to participate in spiritual functions, if they want to participate they have to wash their…

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