My Misconceptions Of Culture Self-Assessment In Nursing

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Culture Self-Assessment

Culture is a way to name who you are as a human being. My identification includes being a 21-year-old straight white American female with a Native American and Japanese ethnic background. My parents were teen parents, and I have a single mom raising me. Socioeconomically I have been below the poverty line growing up, and pay for college all on my own. Organizations I am involved with in nursing school are club volleyball, crimson scrubs, and being a student ambassador. When it come to my own personal health care preferences I really appreciate natural medicine. Buddha’s teachings are a very important factor in my life, and it is a way of life that I try to practice. These are the main cultures that I identify with, but there are some misconceptions about them.
Every time I tell someone that my parents had me when they were 17 they look at me funny as if I am not telling them the truth. People
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As a patient I would like my nurse to know that I don’t take medications if they aren’t necessary, and that if there is a natural option I would prefer that. The cultures that I identify with might impact my career because I believe in a holistic approach to healthcare due to practicing Buddhism and believe in naturopathic ways. Holistic approach meaning looking at everything mind, body, and soul. I think that there are a lot of alternative methods that could be done to prevent, and help a lot of healthcare issues. When caring and interacting for patients and families I think it will be difficult for me to not recommend alternative methods to some health care issues, but I understand my role and my place as a nurse. I think that working with co-workers as a nurse will be good. My culture I think will impact my career as a nurse in the way that I will be able to work with a variety of people with all different

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