My Personal Statement On My Life Essays

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When it comes to my personal happiness I would say I am an 8-9. I have enough money to cover the basics that are needed for daily life. My children are, mostly, in good places in their lives. I have answers to what is different about my youngest boys, my oldest and I are establishing a relationship as mother/son (he was adopted by my brother and his ex-wife) and I have pictures of my dad.

The beliefs I have about aging seem to all tie in together. They seem to be different heads of the same monster. For to me aging means loss of mobility, pain, dependence on others, addiction to pain meds, death and separation from loved ones.
To explain how this movie made me feel is as complex as the feelings themselves. At different parts I felt different emotions. In the beginning I related to that family on several levels. I felt admiration for the woman who had been run over, I do not know if I could have her outlook if I had the same tragedies befall me. The one that got to me the most was the first young man who stepped up at the middle school. I felt fear, pride and sadness all at the same time. When the Okinawans were interviewed I had a little giggle over how fun and fulfilling their lives were. I loved how they are such a part of the children’s lives as well as each other’s. Same with the Danish community and the African tribe.
As far as relating to a certain story/character I was sure as the movie started that the family from India would be my pick. However, when that young…

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