My Personal Statement On My Culture And Values Essay

1936 Words Oct 4th, 2016 8 Pages
When I take an inventory of myself dealing with my culture and values I am reminded that values are intangible things that are important factors to us that guide us and become a process of our decision-making. As I pondered on the Ivey’s Respectful Model the top aspects of my identity that stood out most was religion/spirituality, trauma and family background. My religion, Christianity is my top aspect of my identity because it is the one thing that I consider as most valuable. Christianity has truly shaped and molded me into the young woman that I have become today. My mother reared me in the church from six months of age. We went to church faithfully every Wednesday for bible studies and every Sunday morning and evening. Although many children have to attend church because it’s their parents’ choice I made the choice to continue on with my Christianity faithfully once I became a young adult. In addition to this, I made that choice because of the love and relationship that I have personally established in these many years with Christ. As a result of this, the choices that I have made Christianity have kept me on a path of success, motivation and making the right decisions. Another aspect of my identity that stood out to me was trauma. This stood out to me because the devastation that hit my family and I in 2005 was very traumatic. The first traumatic event took place the summer of 2005. My sister and I had just came home from bible studies on a hot, muggy, Wednesday night…

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