My Personal Reflection Of My Current Philosophy Of Education

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Throughout this semester, I have been introduced to a surfeit of knowledge, ideas, and concepts, many of which have left a lasting impression on me. All of this information has played a role in molding my current philosophy of education. The semester began with a video called TEACH, which followed four teachers throughout a school year and highlighted their struggles and successes (Participant Media, 2013). This video opened my eyes to how challenging teaching could be, the reward that follows the difficulty, and how important flexibility is in the teaching profession (Participant Media, 2013). Another video that influenced me, was a lecture given on the education system in Finland. While all of their techniques may not have the same success …show more content…
I grew up attending a rural school district, and at the start of the school year my school district would hold supply drives and around the holidays put on fundraisers such as “Coats for Kids.” I always participated in these fundraisers, but never saw the struggling children first hand. When D. Manteghi from Project RISE spoke to our class regarding child and adolescent homelessness and I was astonished to learn that “approximately 1.6 million children will experience homelessness over the course of a year.”(America’s Youngest Outcasts: 2010, 2011). The presentation put on by Project RISE left me with a better understanding of child homelessness and the effects it can have on a child and their educational experience (D. Manteghi, personal communication, November 12, 2015). After becoming a teacher, I will continue to draw upon this demonstration and the information …show more content…
After taking everything into consideration I connect most with the philosophy of social reconstructionism. Social reconstructionists “look to education to change society, rather than just teach about it”(Powell, 2015, p. 230). I hope to be involved with extracurricular activities, including coaching, and encourage the students I work with to become involved with social issues. In my math classes, I will encourage all of my students to consider careers such as engineering and explain to them how they can make a difference in the world. My learning environment will have a “democratic approach” and consist of as many choices and options as I am able to provide for my students. To allow my students to better analyze their work and evaluate themselves, I will begin class by giving them a problem to solve and have them write down an explanation for each step. This will give the students, and myself, a clear understanding of where they are with the concepts being working on. Group work will also be an essential part of my classroom. This will range from a group teaching their fellow classmates a specific lesson, to working through problems together on the board. Students need to be given an opportunity to explore the concepts together, to supplement a teacher lead lecture (Powell, 2015, pp. 230-231). Overall, I will support the diversity of my learners and give them the tools they

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