My Passion For Teaching

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Choosing a profession is a difficult task. Many aspects determine which profession is suitable for someone. Personal preferences, personality, work hours, strengths and weaknesses, and even the income of a particular job are factors that are considered. However, one element which is overlooked in today’s society is passion. Many people lack passion for what they are doing everyday, because they are focused on the secular values. Caring for people has always been a priority of mine, whether it was peers, younger siblings, or even for friends who were both older and younger than me. Teaching is much more than just test scores and regurgitating information, it is shaping a child’s future and his or her outlook on life. There are many reasons …show more content…
Passion is a necessity when considering this profession. Being able to love the students one is dealing with is also essential. The list goes on and on of qualities crucial to a successful educator. This profession gives the ability to touch the lives of the young people who will soon take over this world. They are young, innocent, and eager to learn. Captivating them from a young age is very important in my eyes because I truly believe they are the world’s most precious gift. Having someone to believe in them and encourage them is so important. I hope to give my future students the love along with education to survive in this world, just as my former teachers have for …show more content…
Without goals, nothing will be accomplished. As a teacher, I want to enlighten my students. I hope to demonstrate that life is in one’s own hands. It is through personal choices and attitudes which determine someone’s outlook on life. I hope to show that I care and support not only my students, but also fellow faculty and peers as well. I hope to establish that the definition of “success” is measured in happiness, not the amount of income of one’s salary. It is important to focus on life lessons as well as daily educational lessons. The things that the students will remember the most is how someone makes them feel. If they acquire self-confidence, they are able to accomplish anything. That mentality is a goal I hope to inculcate in my future

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