Essay on My Passion For Data Science

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No matter how complex the data or challenging the business needs, my passion for data science never wanes. This enthusiasm for machine learning, neural networks, and the uses to which they can be put into the modern world began long ago. Even as a child, I found numbers fascinating and had a unique interest in both statistics and computer science. As I worked on my first undergraduate study project, I found the only field, that would expertly blend these two interests, data science. I delved into this arena and, with each lesson, became more and more fascinated with neural networks and machine learning. Soon data science was no longer an interest, but an addiction, which led me to a journey culminating in a desire to earn a Master in Data Science from your illustrious school. The knowledge I gain from this will advance me on my journey to becoming an innovator in the field, and mentor to the next generation of data scientists.
Every journey begins with a first step, mine was when I started working on my first project during the course of my undergrad study at DTU(DCE). Initially, I studied about machine learning due to the suggestion of Professor Kapil Sharma, an expert in the field. Enthralled by the field, a group of like-minded friends and myself, undertook our first project in data science, a facial recognition tool. Here we developed a system that recognizes facial image and presented to it. We received rave reviews but, more importantly, I found my career path.
I saw…

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