Essay on My Own Personal Public School

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Mrs. Warrens

English 200

March 24, 2016

For Every Action is A Reaction

Education is one of the few grounds teenagers and young adults have in common in today 's society. Throughout my own personal public school experience students, goals were set for them. This involved one thing; to obtain the knowledge needed to become career or college ready. Which leaves most with the question, why is education so relevant to the success of us as beings? We as humans need education for the simple fact that there is specific knowledge we have to acquire ourselves before we can survive daily.

Although education has been around for centuries, over time conflict has arose of what can be done to "change the system" or "change the way students are taught." These goals and aspirations of change in the educational system is commonly known as educational reform. Reformers of education strive to recreate the system to where curriculum that is taught has to be followed up by standard tests (ACT/Compass,etc..). It is believed that reformers are motivated to make a change due to the ineffectiveness in class based on gender, race, and poverty. They aim to transform the perspective education trends are based on.

Gibson 2

The McKinsey & Company did a study and stated in an analysis "Education gaps impose on the United States and the economic equivalent to the national recession." This report claimed that human potential in the achievement gap is…

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