My Own Personal Philosophy Paper

2074 Words Dec 6th, 2016 9 Pages
This is my own personal philosophy paper where I will be talking about views on life, health, illness, attitudes, beliefs related to death and dying, experiences and attitudes towards grief and bereavement, importance of culture on death and dying, and expectations of health professionals. I will talk about how my own life experiences have affected me in each of these categories. Everyone is exposed to different surrounding and situations. Other 's handle situations, or issues in their own way. It is time to see what I have been exposed to and how I have acted upon these issues.
Life, Health, Illness Life is being available for only a limited time on earth. This is an opportunity to make something of oneself. To experience the true meaning of living and dying. When it comes to living I have to make the best choices for myself, not for others. It 's my mind, my body, and my life. No one else can make these decisions, it 's all up to me. The way I chose to live, and the action I act upon makes me who I am. I tend to have a positive outlook on life. I don 't need negativity to bring me down and make my life seem harder than it should. Not everyone is lucky on life many people struggle with everyday tasks due to illness or health issues. I have witnessed a personal experience that has happened to one of my best friends. I met my best friend when I was three years old and she was one years old. She was always an up lifted, spirited girl who loved to chase her goals…

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