Essay My Origins Of My Irish Heritage

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My Irish heritage has been a central focus of my life for as long as I can remember, dictating the stories I hear, the food I eat, and the way I act. Every one of my ancestors hailed from Ireland on both my mother’s and my father’s sides of the family. My father’s family hails from County Kerry, and my mother’s from Counties Offaly and Mayo. Most of my relatives came to the United States four or five generations back, but my closest connection comes from my maternal grandfather. When his parents came to New York City, they had already met in Ireland, so when my great grandfather left for America to find work, my great grandmother Lucy Finnerty followed him over. My Irish lineage is so strong that my family has been able to track our ancestors back to the very houses they lived in. The thatched roof cottage in the Gap of Dunlow where my family lived for generations is still called the Moriarty Manse, and my parents have visited the home where some of my Dunican cousins live to this day. I have grown up immersed in stories of my ancestors. One of my favorites is of my great great grandfather John Griffin. He worked on a railroad with several other men named John Griffin, so the foreman gave each one a nickname. To pick a nickname, he asked my great great grandfather, “and you John Griffin, where are you from?” to which John responded, in his thick Irish brogue and the sarcastic tone that has been passed down to each generation since, “I’m from Texas, where do you think?” From…

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