A Typical American Family

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A typical American family has a mother, a father, and a couple of children. The father provides for the family, as does the mother either domestically and or by working; however my family does not fit the ideal image of an American family. My mother was the one who raised me, but I would not quite call her a mother. Ever since I can remember she was always sick, never healthy and was addicted to drugs. When she was pregnant with me she would use illegal substances and she was also a diabetic. Obviously a baby, drugs, and diabetes do not mix well. As for my father, he left our family when I was only four years old. We talk from time to time but, for the most part, he is not in my life. Growing up with a mother who expected me to be the mom and with a father, who left me, was not an ideal family life. The cause of my mother’s life had many effects on me and she was the reason why I became who I am today. It all started when my mother was a teenager. She started smoking cigarettes when she was fourteen, mostly because her friends were doing it, and back in those days drugs were becoming very popular. My mother’s father and mother were very strict. That was another reason why my mother started doing drugs. She would rebel against her own parents. As she started smoking cigarettes those cigarettes turned into illegal substances. …show more content…
She was not a terrible unfit mother. She was my mother who I loved with everything I had. Yes, my mother made mistakes, but from her mistakes I learned. The cause of her using drugs had an enormous effect on me. I always thought to myself that I never wanted to end up like my mother. I had to watch her suffer every day of my life and I knew I could not go through that. Every night I would pray that I had a normal ideal family. I would wish that my mother would stop using illegal substances, and just realize what she was doing not only to her body but also to her

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