Essay about My Memories - Original Writing

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I awoke in a field of tall green grass, the noon day sun shining down into my eyes through the shaggy brown hair of my childhood. The blue sky was clear and bright, the breeze cool as it swept through the verdant sea around me. Confused, I sat up. This place was one I 'd never been before, but at the back of my mind was a tickle of recognition. I could recall nothing of how I came to this place, but I was not unnerved. In fact, I was oddly comforted by the high grasses swaying around me and the ring of trees standing tall and proud at the edge of the clearing. In the time I sat there, though I could not say how long that was, an emotion welled up in my chest I had not felt in a long while: happiness. Contention. My muscles began to relax, my eyes became heavy, and I started to drift off again when a voice startled me.
"Ah! There you are, child. I was wondering where you 'd appear this time."
Child? I thought. That couldn 't be right. I 'm a man grown.
"Grown you might have been, but no more."
Had I spoken that aloud? I turned my head to face him. His voice was clear and deep, that of a man in his prime, but it was starkly contrasted by his face. He was thin and pale, with the short white hair of an elderly man. His face was gently lined, his eyes soft and caring. A dark, heavy robe covered him shoulder to ankle, and his white feet were bared.
"Where am I?" I croaked, my throat tight and voice rusted. I coughed.
"We are here, young one," he replied simply, as if it were…

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