Essay on My Memories Of My Childhood Memories

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One of my most vivid childhood memories was when I was ten years old and my parents did something that we still talk about this day. I can still remember the smell of breakfast as I woke up that morning knowing that it was going to be a long day because we were driving to, rather than just flying South Carolina, to watch my oldest brother graduate. My younger brother turned on the lights so that he could see around the room that we both shared causing me to wake up and not fall back to sleep. As I laid there in my bed smelling bacon and coffee from downstairs I remember thinking that it was way too early for anyone to be awake. It was 8 in the morning and now that I look back on it 8 in the morning is not that bad and I wish I could still wake up that late. I grabbed my clothes and jumped into the shower to get ready to go on my first road trip. I was a little excited because this would be my first real road trip. When I had finished showering and getting dressed I went downstairs only to discover that most of my moms’ homemade flour tortillas were gone. There was a sad stack for 3 or 4 tortillas left. I hurried to try and get as many tortillas in my belly as any ten-year-old kid could hold. As my dad was getting the luggage put in the van I ran quickly towards my backpack to pull out one of my books I had bought full of crossword puzzles and my handheld Gameboy, I had chosen these things entertain myself with, before he threw my stuff in the back underneath the rest of the…

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