My Life Of A Street Gang Essay

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It was not easy to grow up and survive in a dangerous neighborhood. My mother was always working and my brother was always on the streets looking for an adrenaline rush. As a child, the feeling of shadows following me at night was difficult to live with. In spite of my feeling of loneliness, I made up my mind to not become part of a street gang. There were days when I would doubt my decision because I would see how the rest of my friends always had money and never struggled financially. However, I knew I wanted a better life. I am definitely happy that i did not let my greed overcome my decision to stay away from the violence that plagued my neighborhood. Therefore, I stayed away from all the negative influences that surrounded me. Instead I focused my attention on helping others. I realized it has always been part of who I am. As a child I was always reminded to help those in need. My mother would always tell me “help and be helped”. However, at the time I had no real notion of what she meant. As time progressed I began to understand the concept that everyone needs help, but some are afraid to ask for it. Being part of a gang was popular because it was seen as the only way of survival. Most kids were influenced by their older siblings or their parents to join a gang. I did not have that direct influence. Even though my brother was part of a gang, he always prohibited me from becoming a member. My friends, however, always told me that I was a boring nerd for not joining a…

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