Gang Violence In The Workplace

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Having extra staff at the correctional facilities is really important because our correctional personnel are constantly putting their lives on the line everyday they go into work even more so because they are outnumbered by the inmates. As mentioned previously the average ratio is 1 correctional staff member to about 150 inmates, now when those inmates are in their groups or “gangs” then the staff is even more outnumbered. There are several violent incidents that occur within BOP Pollock most are inmate-on-inmate however there are times where it is inmate-on-staff. Typically when an incident does occur it is more than one inmate attacking a single inmate they beat up each other in groups. According to Fornicola (2013), a correctional officer …show more content…
Reputation is a way that gang members can project their image of masculinity to others. Violent behavior appeared to play an important role in this transformation of identify and self. Gang members are usually willing to kill or be killed for the gang in order to sustain self-perception as a loyal gang member. Individually or collectively, rival gang members constantly pose a physical threat according to inmates (Stretesky and Pogrebin, 2007).
Most gang members noted that they engaged in violent behavior more frequently once they joined a gang. The situations one finds themselves in, in this case gang violence, together with becoming a person who is willing to use violence to maintain membership in the gang is indicative of a transformed identity. The violent gang members perceived other gangs as ongoing enemies who constantly presented a threat to their safety.
Take into consideration that the inmate’s cultural code is similar if not the same as the gang code. According to gang members disrespect or rejection of self-professed identity claims by others, often was the cause of violence. Individually or collectively, rival gang members constantly pose a physical

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