My Life Between The Iraqi Education Systems And The Jordanian Education System

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I had spent about 12 years of my life between the Iraqi education system and the Jordanian education system before I came to, United States. Both of the two systems are extremely difficult, numerous amount of memorization and studying. I turned out with having a mechanical brain. Focusing only on the science subjects, such as Biology, Math, Geology, Chemistry, and physics. Studying frequently about 7 hours a day, in order to become, scientist, in the future. In that point, my life was revolved around numbers and equations. I did not have a pure vision of life, however, I learned a new subject which has changed my understanding of life forever. It has revealed unseen person inside me, he was in the darkness of my maze, in the cave which I was afraid to explore it. I know there was something inside. I did not have the courage to enter it. Silent voices continuously calling on me form the darkest part of the cave. I was asking myself the daily topical equation, how can I express myself as a human being? I have my feelings and my emotions of course. I did not know how to express them. The idea of how to express myself completely was sort of a mystery. It was a difficult challenge for me, to share my ideas with the outer world, furthermore, expressing myself in a graphical form (writing).

Before, I did not have the desire of reading books out of the sciences fields. When my friends start talking or having discussions about literature or philosophy…

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