Summary: A Personal Narrative Of My Life

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I was born February 19, 2002 in Fulton County Health Center to Shari and Kevin Pile. I was 8 pounds and 12 ounces and 21 inches tall and born in the evening. My parents tell me my brother Michael and sister Kendra were excited to get a new brother but I don’t believe it. My parents also say that I wasn 't even delivered by a doctor. The doctor was on his way driving to the hospital when the nurse had to deliver me. I wasn 't named after anyone with my first name but my middle name is my brothers first name just like how my brothers middle name is our dad’s first name.
Chapter Two
First Steps I had my first steps in January 2003 when I was one year old. I spoke my first words just after my first steps. My parents say that I was playing a game with my brother and was chasing him around the house but was crawling after him. All of a sudden I stood up and took a couple of steps. When I tried to run I fell but my parents were happy that I was even able to walk. Within a couple of months I was able to walk and then even run. Soon after I was able to run my I would never stop
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It is my favorite vacation we have gone on. There are so many fun rides at Disney World themed around so many different things. We were there for four days and went to one of the four parks each day. Out of all the parks my favorite was Space Mountain because of how fast it went. Another one of my favorite rides was called Test Track. It was made to be a like a facility where they test cars but you rode in the car that was being tested. At one spot the car almost crashes into the wall but it opens at the last second. We even got to go to the front of the line by having my grandfather show his old GM employee ID since the ride was made by Chevrolet. Out of all the parks the Magic Kingdom was definitely my favorite. In the future I hope to go there again because it was so much fun and I think everyone would like going

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