My Life As An Undocumented Immigrant Essay

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How do the experiences of Jose Antonio Vargas (the author of "My Life as an Undocumented Immigrant" and the subject of Documented, the film we viewed in class) contradict the stereotypes and commonly held beliefs about immigrants in the U.S. that we discussed in class? What surprised you about his story? I have come to realize after deep thought that Jose, as well as many other immigrants’ within this great country are stereotyped just by the word “immigrant” being attached to them, never mind attaching the additional verbiage of are they a documented or undocumented immigrant. Are Americans racist as a whole? Too many Americans believe that immigrants do not work, live off the welfare system, refuse to speak English, follow and obey American rules and regulations, live within their own cultures, take jobs away from Americans, are criminals and are overtaking the American way of life. Not only is this stereotyping, but racist because it is a prejudgment of others or thoughts that being a born American is considered a superior race and right over immigrants. Many foreigners contribute to a positive social society, and those that do not are willing to learn the American way. I do not believe that all Americans feel this way. All our birthrights lead to immigration, and the majorities of immigrants, documented or undocumented work hard, have pride in this country, are positive contributors to society, are self-sufficient and want to build that American dream of life,…

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