My Attitudes Of Homosexual Men: My Feelings Of Homosexual Women

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My feelings towards homosexual men is parallel to that of homosexual women; in that they are inspiring and make me feel experienced. I may not feel as comfortable with them due to not be as exposed to this microculture, but men have fought resiliently, to be open about their sexuality and that is nothing to appear as negative because they are not judging people, so why should they be judged. Jesus has open arms for all his children and we should have open arms for all our brothers and sisters.

Not once have I met a disabled person who has judged me for being white, blonde, brown, or blue eyed. Disabled people are probably one of the most grateful people you will ever encounter thus they make me feel grateful and likewise unworthy. In my opinion
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Sad for what they experience in the countries and that they want to escape their home for a better life. My feelings of annoyance are because they are welcome here, but decide to not proceed through the correct steps in order to become a citizen in order to live an improved life than the one they escaped and disgust at those who have made them leave their home. My opinion of illegal immigrants is that they are unaware of the steps to become a legal immigrant. It will not negatively affect my classroom because rarely students will be illegal immigrants; their parents may be, but not the student. If and when I do come across a student, I hope I can point them in the direct of the necessary steps to become a legal …show more content…
I am pleased because they escaped from the country that wasn’t letting them live and sadness in relation to them living their life unhappy before. I am enthused that they took the initiative to become a citizen the proper way. My opinion of legal immigrants is that they are keeping the idea of America as the melting pot alive. Portraying these feelings and opinion is through education and experiences thus it will affect my classroom positively.

People residing in the United States, but do not speak English make me feel uncomfortable, disrespected and protective. My emotions of uncomfortable and disrespect are due to not knowing what they are saying and being taught to never to share secrets. Although I feel this way I moreover want to be protective of them since not enough of people are aware that America does not have a designated language.

In regards to my feelings and opinion on Jews, I am left with no thoughts due to having little education on Jews. This will positively impact my classroom because I will be eager to learn their customs and culture, especially since I have a background of

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