My Life As A Student Essays

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As I was reading Good to Great, I quickly realized that I needed to change my perspective with which I was interpreting what I was reading. At this point in my life I am primarily a student, and I am studying technology, not business. My perspective as I began to read Good to Great was that of the idea that this didn’t apply to me now, and might not for quite a while. I realized that for me to gather useful information from the reading that was applicable to me now, I needed to change my perspective to the idea that I could apply what was reading about business and businessmen to my own life as a student. I’ve chosen two topics that the book covered in terms of business and I will discuss them and give an example of how they apply to my life. The topics are facts and faith, and continual improvement.
The first topic on which I would like to reflect is that of facts and faith. In the Latter Day Saint culture, sometimes we do not associate those two words together often and may view them as differing perspectives and even opposites. Alma said that “faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things” (Alma 32:21, Book of Mormon). The definition of fact from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary is “something that truly exists or happens : something that has actual existence” (fact, n.d.). Yet, faith can lead to facts. I can have faith in something and then that thing may truly come into existence and be actual. It is then a fact, I no longer have faith in that thing because I know it…

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