My Life As A Spiritual Experience For Myself Essay

1884 Words Dec 1st, 2016 8 Pages
I regard Noah taking his life as a spiritual experience for myself, although it may appear selfish and not so instantly beautiful and inherently sorrowful, especially for his family and close friends, but I do this as means of closure. His dissaperance of this reality seems to continue to strike me in different manners, modulating in emotional effect and personal understanding. A more empirical astonishing and unexplainable part of this experience I had was at Noah’s funeral, around 2:00pm on Friday, September 26th 2014 at the Pacific Gardens Chapel in Santa Cruz. We all gather, friends family, a medium sized group of individuals, mostly dressed in black, we entered the chapel at about 2:00pm and not a cloud was in the sky. The service proceeded normally (or at least as normally as it could in this setting) moving on to the mourner’s Kaddish (the jewish prayer of morn given to immediate members of the individuals family) as Noah was culturally Jewish and yielded from a Jewish background. When the prayer began, it immediately proceeded to hail, very sizable chunks of frozen ice balls, people were a bit confused and perplexed as it was sunny only moments ago and it was the middle September! Incredibly, the hail ended just as the two minute prayer ended, simultaneously. I am (and was more so at the time) a firm believer in pure scientific explanation to understand any sort of phenomenon, but the timing and lack of visible clouds prior was just too implausible for me to attempt…

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