Essay on My Life After A Marine Biology Class

2090 Words Mar 3rd, 2015 9 Pages
Summer of 2014, my life was changing quite a bit. As I come back from my first year at school in U.S. and more than prepared to live away from home, I pack my bags and go to São Paulo. Although it is very close to my hometown, Santos, it was still a great change: new swim club, new city, new friends. São Paulo it is much known to be a complete chaos: anywhere with 12 million habitants has to be at least somehow different. With too many people comes too many problems: air and river pollution, terrible traffic, bad government, violence. There is always something happening there, but sometimes that doesn’t mean anything good… at all. As I come back home, I hear on the news that millions of people have no water at their homes there, or at least scarcity of it. The situation made me wonder how are those families living and how could anyone live with no water. I took a Marine Biology class last semester, and although I loved everything about it, it was very sad to see the effects human civilization have and the impacts we cause on nature. It was painful to think that no matter what I did, some species were gone forever and this process was only gradual. I’m currently taking an Economics class. One day my professor wanted to discuss about the incredibly low gas price. He said that the supply is high because of a new technique it has been used to take the oils out of the mantle rocks called “fracking”. As an economist, he could not quite tell if the benefits overcomes the…

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