My Last Duchess Psychopath Analysis

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Psychopath is a mental disorder marked by effective, interpersonal, and behavioral abnormalities. A perfect example of a psychopath is the Duke of Ferrara from the poem “My Last Duchess”. “My Last Duchess” is a poem written by Robert Browning in 1842, he was an English poet of the Victorian age, and he was widely recognized as a master of dramatic monologue and psychological portraiture. “My Last Duchess” it talks about a Duke, who is the speaker of the poem, the Duke is negotiating his marriage. He is showing his visitor his palace, when he stops where a portrait of his late duchess. A beautiful portrait of a lovely lady with a charming smile, he starts to explain his visitor that he did not like his last did duchess behavior.
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The duke did not want his last duchess to smile to anyone else because of his possession and selfishness, just like Dupras mention to us “interpretative possession” (4). The Duke thinks that even in the portrait she is still looks like she is smiling to someone. The Duke says “there she stands as if alive” (Browning 911). His selfishness made him to covered his last duchess portrait with a curtain, not letting anyone to see her charming smile except his visitor, explaining him why he covered her picture, just like Miller tells us “The misrepresentation of the Duchess begins when the Duke, anticipating the emissary’s question of how the ‘the Spot of Joy’ in Fra’Pandolf portrait of Duchess came to be her cheek, readily explain its presence” (32). Even when his last Duchess was not flirting, his selfishness made him covered her portrait so no one could see her charming smile …show more content…
The duke of Ferrara thinks that she should had respected him. He did not wants her to smile to anyone else but him, he declares to his visitor that “as if she ranked my gift … with anybody’s gift” (Browning 910). Even when the duke did not like the way she thank the people he did not has the courage to tell her, instead he gives commands that all smiles should stop; just like he states “Then all the smiles stopped together” (Browning 911). The Duke starts to explain his visitor that he is just making time, showing him his gallery and that there was nothing to worry about, but it was a big deal for him and that he didn’t want his new Duchess to do the same thing. The Duke was unhappy because of his last Duchess smiling everyone else, and wants

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