My Journey After High School Essay

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My Journey after High School

As I begin my senior all the thoughts about what I want to do for the rest of my life really run through my mind. When making my future plans I ran into things like my fears and some setbacks. But then there was also things that helped my decision like important people in my life who influenced me a lot to go to college and what to go for. I plan on going to college for two years and then getting my degree in computer science at Terra state Community college or an online college. When I made the final decision on what I wanted to go for and where I wanted to go to college. I had finally made some goals with the decision I had made.

A goal of mine is to go to college for at least two years and if I enjoy it then I plan on going for a total of four years. And then another one of mine is after college I plan on being an IT at a good company. My goals were set because I was greatly influenced by some important people in my life. My mom has done she always talked to me about what do I want to go to school for and she believed in me that I would be great at becoming an IT when I am older. That really influenced me because she believed that I had something that I would be good at doing and she knew I could do it.

Then there is my dad, he has always been good at the same thing dealing with technology and that’s really influenced me. To me it feels like I am following in my father’s footsteps in a way. And it seems to make him smile and that makes…

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