My Job As An Athletic Trainer Essay

1080 Words May 24th, 2016 5 Pages
Chris Linde stated “My job as an athletic trainer is to prevent injuries as much as possible. I also support with strengthening and conditioning, guidance in nutrition and sleeping, and I also make sure the playing area is safe”. When he was young, he always adored being around the athletic trainer. Subsequently being pushed to his limits and fighting through the pain, there was always someone to care for his aches, and pains. She gave him opinions on what to do when he was alone to prevent fatigue, and serious injuries that would prevent him from playing to his fullest potential or limit him from achieving his goals. She stated that she always enjoyed the satisfaction and enjoyment in the kids eyes when they would achieve in their sport and would give recognition to her for helping them to obtain back the best of shape, or how she would go to their games, and matches to see for himself. She would shout from the side and when they would win, she would be one of the first to check on them to make sure he was okay, if he was hydrated, breathing right, and was delighted with their success. Or even he was hurt in the middle of the matches, or games she would actually throw everything down or stop what she was doing to go tend to her athletes injuries or pain. The career of an Athletic Trainer is a rewarding career, because of one 's ability to ease someone achieve their goal of being healthy and in top shape. The research will describe the career of an Athletic Trainer, what is…

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