My Great Grandfathers: My Journey To The United States

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My grandma’s ancestors on her dads side travel to the United States in 1873 from Prussia, and eventually bought a farm in Minnesota. I do not know the year exactly that my grandpas distant relatives on his dad side came to the United States, but it was around the 1870’s for my one great- great-grandpa, John Gerads was born in Minnesota in 1874. As for my grandpas moms side they came in the 1900s and moved to Minnesota. Both of my grandparents said that their distant relatives came to the United States for better opportunities. My grandma talked about on her grandma’s side they came from Czechoslovakia. When her aunt went there to meet some old relatives that the government is communist and control what they can have to survive and what to do …show more content…
I don’t know if my great grandpas story is related to what we talked about in class other then he served in the war, we do not know what he had all went through. I think its important to recognize the United States as many histories because we have gone out and helped other countries, which would make us part of their countries history. We cannot look at the United States as a single history being that we have suffered tragedies along with breakthroughs, the loss of men in both world wars, granting African Americans freedom from slavery and later civil rights, women rights, the depression and many more. There is not one single story to tell about the United States, where we are just the land of the free because we’ve had to fight though many battles to get where we are today, we are still fighting though battles and we always will. My viewpoint of my family has changed from this project, because I have learned a lot about what they had gone through and how it connects with other people that we had read about and what they went though. I never thought that they really suffered since they have always been humble people; they never talked about what they had gone though and

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