My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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Every once and a while a particular thought resurrects in my mind. It is so firmly encoded, that even after 25 years, it seems as though the event that originated this thought had just occurred. In this sequence of images, I see myself in Cuba at the age of six proudly telling to my grandmother that I would become an MD one day as she was, and to my utter surprise, she unexpectedly replying to me not to do so. Because she said: “if you value your life, and do not want to be treated as a slave, you would better pursue another career”. I honestly did not immediately comprehend the connotation of those words, but some years into the future my family experienced the undesirable consequences of her prediction. When my aunt, also an MD, who had left Cuba to pursue a better life elsewhere tried to return in order to reunite with us and primordially with her daughter. Cuban Authorities did not grant her the entrance permit, thus she was not able to see her daughter again for more than six years until eventually, they reunified in the US.
After living in three different countries from the age of nine to fourteen, I returned to Cuba mainly because my father was unable to properly rear me. Isn’t it ironic? There, after finishing High School, I studied Chemical Engineering. During my carrier, I always did professional rotations in the biotech industry. Particularly in CIGB, because it was the best way to be in some fashion associated with the medical field. Hence, after graduating, I…

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