My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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Lilly Bell Bazin was my grandmother. I love her with my entire heart and soul. She made my life have meaning those years the Lord blessed me to know her. No one would want to get on her bad side though! Grandma was a spitfire of a woman in her youth. I could write an entire book about her alone! She raised me. I owe much to Aunt Patricia and my mother Catherine, but my true love as a child was my grandma. My mother Catherine was hurt in a terrible accident at her occupation in a steel factory in New York, which caused her hospitalization for a few years. Grandma took my brother Reggie and me on as her children. We called her mamma. We thought she was our mother until Grandma explained to us later that she was not.
We experienced several circumstances that put our family moving back and forth from Miami to Nashville, GA a few times before the fateful date of December 23, 1989. By this time, Reggie and I reacquainted with Mom, Catherine, and Grandma lived with Aunt Patricia n’em because of her failing health. She was 77 years old at the time and had a pacemaker. Grandma was a warrior to me. She could cuss us out and tell us she loved us in the same breath. Vivid in my mind is the day she walked out into the street to fight one of the neighborhood grandmas! Yeah, she actually did stuff like that into her old age!
Once, I came home crying loudly to my Grandmother about a beating that I had received from an older boy. That boy had taken my backpack and threw it over the fence…

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