My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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I remember waking up to my Dad crying out and repeating the same line, “Mom! No, Mom! Wake up!” and before I even had the chance to open my eyes I knew the one thing I dreaded the most happened, on March 11, 2011, my grandmother passed away. The tears were running down my face and I couldn’t get them to stop. It was a Friday the day she died and every Friday hasn’t been the same since. Friday is a day for me to reminisce on the memories my grandmother and I shared. My grandmother was like a second mother to me, when I felt extremely sad, immensely mad, or exceedingly happy I always went to my grandmother because I knew she would always be there. Now that my grandmother has passed away, I feel like there 's no one else that I can go to like I did with her. My grandmother became very sick in the middle of 2010 and it happened out of nowhere, I still can’t wrap my head around how fast my life changed. My views on time changed as so did my value with family. My grandmother had a rare blood disorder which was not curable, but she never gave up.

My grandmother lived in the hospital for around seven months. I was in the hospital so much I started to know the name of every patient and doctor I passed by. At the age of ten, I knew how to navigate around the Toronto General Hospital with my eyes closed. My grandmother was a fighter and she fought until she couldn’t anymore. “There’s no easy way out, there’s no shortcut home.” these are words she always said and till this day,…

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