My Grandmother - Original Writing Essay

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I woke up and it was a Saturday morning like any other Saturday morning at least, that’s what I thought. My three daughters and I were living with my grandmother while I attended licensed practical nursing school. My middle daughter, Sharon, had missed school on that Friday. She said her stomach hurt and that she wanted to go spend the night with my sister (her aunt) so I let her. So this particular morning it was just the two girls Kiersten, Chasity, my grandmother and I at home. We were all sitting around laughing and talking, and I said to myself “I’ll get an early start with the chores, so I decided to wash clothes”. As I sorted the clothes, in walks my sister and daughter. Immediately my daughter said, “Momma, I don’t feel good.” My grandmother chimed in, “Go to the store and get her some sprite and crackers; she probably has a stomach virus.” I gathered my things to go to the store realizing I didn’t have washing powder. My sister was asking “Do you want me to take her back with me? I can stop by lake after hours and the store for soup and crackers?” My grandmother continued to state that she didn’t think that she needed to go to the clinic. At this point, I just told my sister to take Sharon back with her and get the items from the store. I left and went to the store and a voice whispered softly in my ear, “She needs to go to that after hour’s clinic.” What I didn’t mention is the look that she had when she walked in the house that morning. She was so emaciated…

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