Essay on My Grandmother - Original Writing

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It was a cold night and my grandparents decided to move to closer to the family. My grandma was a black mature lady with brown eyes. She a bit thick though she can 't really walk for some medical problems going on with her leg. She always kept a bright personality around me when she see me yet she can be a occupied women. On the other hand, my grandfather is more laid back. He slim, black, and very mature for his age. He can walks a bit more because he like to stay active at times. They stayed in this small little vintage home that was cover with green repainted wood on the outside of the house with a white roof. The interior of the home was shade of cream colors while there was wooden re-polish floor every where inside the home. Even the kitchen and the bathroom, that was inside the house, have wooden floors instead of tile. My father and I decided to visit the place they was currently staying just to have some family time. Yet, My father and I went our own ways so I didn 't really see if he was anywhere in or near the home.

“Grandchild I need you to go to the store to get somethings” said grandma. My grandmother can 't really be able to move around as much, even through the night so I always wanted to help her out. “Sure thing, what do you need grandma” I said to her as I started to put on my white converse. Today I decided to wear 2 black XXL long shirt that stop right above my knee. Also, my favorite pair of jeans with the rip edges on the right knee only. One of my…

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