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I was born in Huntsville, Alabama my family moved to North Carolina in 2001 on the behalf of a troubling family member. I was not raised around religious people like most. The only person in my family that was religious was my grandmother, she use to force me and other siblings to come to church with her on Sundays. My grandmother was and still is very much senile; watches The Heat of The Night, and Family feud. She practically raised me and a few other siblings in the same home she owned for years. We lived in Warrenton, NC for about 6 years then I was 12 in that big green house. Every morning before we go to school my great grandmother will give us some oatmeal and a glass of milk only because we kept complaining how nasty the school food was. Before we left she always said “Believe you can and you’re halfway there”, I never knew what that mean until now. Every Sunday we’ll go to church around 11 o’clock and leave around 2 o’clock. Most of my younger sibling be cutting up a fuss while the preacher was talking, and every time my grandmother will grab their arm and pinch them. Sometimes it even be me getting the pinching I’ll fall asleep or try to eat some candy. None of which she allowed while in church if any of us do anything wrong she’ll pull aside and pinch our arm.
Years went pass and as I got older I started asking questions about God and church. Questions like, “why do people get baptized, what makes people shout, if we steal do we go to hell”? After all, still…

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